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Green Initiatives

Sustainability: APi National Service Group is committed to sustainable building practices. Our family of companies has incorporated many environmentally friendly business procedures, and will continue to dedicate time to building a safer, more "green" environment.

LEED AP: Within each APi Group company, there are LEED accredited professionals. These individuals are experts in green building techniques and are committed to implementing these practices throughout our companies.

Lean Construction: Efficiency drives both productivity and customer satisfaction. We are constantly improving our service performance by integrating Lean construction concepts throughout our family of companies. This allows us to achieve greater productivity and quality which provides greater value to our customers.

Other benefits of integrating Lean concepts include:

  • Preventing mistakes and rework
  • Standardizing processes and procedures
  • Keeping work sites clean and organized
  • Decreasing the cost of materials
  • Saving on fuel costs

"Lean construction is about best practices, continuous improvement and never being satisfied...that's why our leaders are committed to it and every employee will be trained in the Lean process."

Ted Angelo, Executive Vice President at Grunau Company

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