Government Fire Protection Services

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Government fire protection services

Government cooperative purchasing agreements from APi National Service Group is a cost-effective fire and life safety procurement method that maximizes your local taxpayer’s funds. When procuring fire and life safety services for federal, state, or local public agencies, you can unintentionally extend a project's timeline when running a full RFP and wonder if you are receiving the best possible value. This issue grows larger when factoring in the need to conserve resources, meet deadlines, and stay within budget.


APi National Service Group holds a contract with 1GPA (Government Procurement Alliance) which is a non-profit national government purchasing cooperative. 1GPA is available for public and private schools, cities, counties, state entities, universities, and Native American communities. As a member of 1GPA, we provide you with a no-hassle pricing agreement for all government entities across the United States. In addition, each of our full-scope service offerings comply with your own state procurement laws and regulations. When partnering with APi NSG through 1GPA, you can be confident you are receiving vetted competitive pricing that saves you valuable time.


APi National Service Group holds a contract with GSA (General Service Administration) for fire and life safety services throughout the United States. At APi NSG, we provide full-scope fire protection services to local or national government properties for a competitively reduced price. We have serviced hundreds of military bases across the country as well as the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and Public Building Services locations. When partnered with APi NSG as your fire protection service provider, you will satisfy your legal bid requirement, receive local expertise, and have tremendous customer support.

Services available to the Federal Government are included under the following categories:

  • SIN 561-001: Fire Alarm Systems Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services
  • SIN 561-002: Water Based Fire Suppression System Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services


APi National Service Group holds a competitively priced BuyBoard contract for fire and life safety protection services. When partnered with APi NSG through BuyBoard, your organization can be confident knowing you are receiving the most competitive and comprehensive national fire protection coverage. You will enjoy the benefits of maintaining your local service provider relationships, reduced pricing, and a shortened procurement cycle which saves you time, money, and valuable human resources. Together, we streamline the purchasing process and satisfy competitive solicitation requirements.


APi National Service Group is a member of ASC/Region19 (Allied States Cooperative), which allows your entity to directly procure our goods and/or services you may require while satisfying competitive legal bid requirements for public agencies. By selecting a ASC/Region19 cooperative purchasing agreement, you will purchase on the best value overall instead of strictly accepting low-dollar proposals. We offer full scope inspections and service for fire protection systems.

Our APi NSG solution

By selecting a cooperative purchasing agreement from either 1GPA, General Service Agreement (GSA), or Buyboard, you will be confident you are receiving the best value in fire protection. With any of our cooperative purchasing agreements are approved and reduced pricing, minimized risk, and sourced from an audited fire and life safety service provider. Because of this, your project continues to move along which allows you to shift your limited resources to other time sensitive areas to meet deadlines. Our cooperative purchasing agreements are only available for federal, state or local public agencies who are working on projects that involve universities, school districts (unified, independent), municipalities, counties, cites, military, VA medical centers, Section 8 (affordable housing), and more.

Who is APi National Service Group?

APi NSG is a full scope, self-performing national fire and life safety service provider. We are headquartered in New Brighton, Minnesota and have branches located nationwide to provide you with tremendous local customer service with national support. We build strong relationships that focuses on providing you with the best fire protection plan that fits your needs. Once partnered with APi NSG, you will have a smooth onboarding experience with proactive maintence and servicing that keeps your site up to code. When partnered with APi NSG through a government co-op, you receive tremendous customer service, local expertise and avoid budget surprises that can set your project back.