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Retrofitting Fire Sprinkler Systems

Your facilities change, and so do the fire codes. If your occupied building is in need of retrofitting, we will work closely with you to get the job done while minimizing disruptions. APi NSG has years of experience installing new systems to new construction or retrofitting existing buildings. We even have experience retrofitting historical buildings. Protect your building, your assets and your employees by ensuring you have the right fire protection systems in place today!

With APi NSG as your national provider for fire and life safety services, compliance is a simple phone call or email away. We know your properties, we know the code. Whether you need additional installations, a more robust system, or simple color coating, APi NSG has experts nearby.

Some benefits of building retrofits include:

  • Improved safety for building occupants
  • Decrease in loss due to fire
  • Reduction in property insurance premiums
  • Increased compliance with building codes
  • Improved and upgraded appearance of building

Please contact us to learn more.

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